The Daily Buzz - Today's Menu Specials
Mint Chocolate Chip
the Michael McClanaghan
a full Irish breakfast! complete with two eggs how you like 'em, white pudding, Irish bacon, grilled tomato and mushroom, breakfast beans and browns...toast too! Slainte!   $10.95
the Aiden Gillen
a mighty rumble of eggs with roasted leeks, smoked cheddar, house spuds, and a walnut sage sauce... toast too, now.   $9.95
Aunt Maeve's Biscuits 'n' Gravy
two cheddar biscuits... cup of onion gravy... two eggs any style and a helping of browns!   $8.95
Loads of St. Patrick's Day Drinks!
Come get jiggy!   $
Main Entree
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Sorry, no soup on the weekends!
 $3.00 cup/$4.00 bowl
Chocolate Oat and Nuts