The Daily Buzz - Today's Menu Specials
Coffee Toffee
the Alia Shawkat
an omelette stuffed with baba ghanoush, spinach, goat cheese and crisped goat cheese; browns and toast.   $9.95
the Purvi Bedi
two eggs how you like 'em sittin' atop a bowl of house spuds, greens, curried beef gravy and a cucumber raita; toast too!   $10.95
Aunt Bee's Biscuits 'n' Gravy
two eggs, two cheddar biscuits, a cup of onion gravy and a helping of browns...every weekend!   $8.95
Featured Beer Tap:
Odd Side Ale's Strawberry Hop Milk... a milkshake IPA!   $5
Main Entree
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Sorry, no soup on the weekends!
 $4.00 cup/$5.00 bowl
Apple Cinnamon