The Daily Buzz - Today's Menu Specials
Cookies 'n' Cream
the Johnny Knoxville
a rumble of eggs with Tennessee style sausage, red onion, grape tomatoes, spinach and ghost pepper jack cheese; comes with house spuds and toast!   $10.95
the Bill Paxton
a chorizo meatloaf sandwich served up on a house roll with cheddar cheese, tomatillo avocado salsa and the usual suspects; comes with fries, salad and house spuds.   $11.95
Aunt Dottie's Biscuits 'n' Gravy
two cheddar biscuits with a cup of chile verde gravy, two eggs any style and a helping of house spuds...NOW EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!!   $9.95
Sweet Treat:
BROOKIES! Half Brownie, half chocolate chip cookie... fully delicious!   $3.95
Main Entree
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White Bean Tomato Basil
 $4/cup $5/bowl
Lemon Poppyseed